Insurance is a financial contract that protects businesses and people from an
unanticipated and unwanted risk of financial ruin. Insurance is the difference
between maintaining your life and business and closing your doors or losing your
Your insurance agent/broker must be someone you trust to comfortably discuss
your family and business goals, needs and fears. Your broker should primarily be
your adviser, not just an insurance salesman. They are professionally providing you
options on how you may proceed and protect yourself either through insurance, risk
control, or avoidance. An insurance agent/broker is there to represent you to find
the right insurance and risk control actions to meet your personal and business
needs and goals.
There are clear benefits to finding and partnering with an insurance agent/broker.
An insurance agent/broker will:

  • Provide the right insurance you need to protect your goals and reduce your concerns
  • Has access to multiple insurance companies to provide you with the right insurance
    company(s) for you and your business.
  • Know the financial standing of the insurance company(s) you pick
  • Provide ideas on how you can use insurance to generate revenue and reduce cost
  • Be an Expert Representative for you with the insurance company
  • Listens to your needs, goals and fears for your business and family
  • Identify the insurance that is must cost effective within your budgetary needs
  • Explain the insurance policy language to you, so you understand what is covered and not covered
  • Be your representative and assist you through any claims

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